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#55 - Second Iteration Headset Enclosure 2024-06-05

Showing new prints of our updated headset enclosure & chassis (& some other updates)

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#54 - Anton Bukov Investment (& Headset Teaser Prints) 2024-04-26

Includes an updated capital model of our remaining fundraising.

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#53 - Chassis Adjustments (& Apple Vision Pro Reactions) 2024-02-14

We also flag a change to our Preorder Agreement for 2024 purchasers of our headset.

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#52 - Display Leadtimes Reduced (& We're Hiring an EE) 2023-12-15

Our VR display leadtimes have been significantly reduced. We recently submitted Mura samples, we're also hiring an EE!

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#51 - Vitalik Buterin Has Invested 400 ETH into Simula 2023-10-17

Discussing use of funds and our updated capital model.

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#50 - Headsets Delayed into 2024 (+ Review Unit Testimonials & Investor Feedback) 2023-09-18

Discussing our capital situation, mistakes we made, Review Unit testimonials, & investor feedback.

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#49 - Simula One Compute is Being Upgraded to Raptor Lake 2023-07-20

All units now upgrading to Intel i7 13th gen compute.

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#48 - Simula's Reaction to Apple (Plus: Looking for Review Unit Testers & Venture Capital) 2023-06-14

We're distributing Simula One Review Units for angel investment, and are looking for institutional capital. But first: reactions to Apple's headset announcement.

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#47 - Headset Chassis Improvements 2023-06-01

Adjusting our chassis after Review Unit feedback.

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#46 - Testing AR Mode Image Processing 2023-04-23

Testing our FPGA image processing pipeline

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#45 - Early Review Unit in Transit 2023-03-21

First review unit shipped

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#44 - Adding Diopter Adjustments 2023-02-21

Adding diopter adjustments to our lenses (while we wait for our Camera Boards).

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#43 - FPGA Image Processing Pipeline 2023-01-30

Block diagrams showing the data flow among the Camera Boards, FPGA, & Host

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#42 - 2023 Timeline (for Polished Review Units) 2023-01-11

What needs to happen (& how long we think it will take) between now and Polished Review Units.

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#41 - Camera Boards Sent to PCB Fab 2022-12-19

Finishing our camera boards & discussing the next steps

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#40 - X-Raying Our Boards for Imperfections 2022-11-30

X-Raying our boards to find imperfections faster.

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#39 - Simula One's Auto-IPD System 2022-11-13

Discussing the Simula One automatic IPD adjustment system.

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#38 - Meta's Subpoena Dropped; Simula One vs. Quest Pro 2022-10-21

Discussing the philosophical and spec differences between these two headsets.

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#37 - SimulaVR Has Been Subpoenaed by Meta Platforms, Inc 2022-10-05

Some drama involving the FTC vs. Meta Platforms case

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#36 - First Glimpse of Review Units 2022-09-20

We've integrated our boards into our headset exterior; Simula now runs!

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#35 - PCBA Delays (& Syzygy Camera Adapter Update) 2022-09-09

Reporting on PCBA delays, plus a Syzygy Adapter update.

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#34 - Camera Syzygy Adapter 2022-08-23

Discussing a new camera interposer board.

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#33 - Board Integration Tests (Mostly a Success) 2022-08-12

Discussing the results of our first board integration tests.

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#32 - Facial Interface Assembled (+ Board Integration Testing) 2022-08-04

Showing off our assembled facial interface, and discussing VXR integration testing.

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#31 - First Batch of Our Assembled Boards 2022-07-29

Showing off the first batch of our assembled Review Unit boards.

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#30 - Assembling Our VXR Boards (& Misc) 2022-07-22

VXR board assembly video + headset exterior shots + laminar flow bench HEPA filter

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#29 - Creating a Dust-Free Lens Assembly Environment 2022-07-05

Constructing a laminar flow cabinet for dust-free lenses.

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#28 - Taking Our Boards to a PCBA 2022-06-30

We've delivered our VXR, Connector, & Interposer boards to a local PCBA.

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#27 - Review Units: Timeline Update 2022-06-23

Review unit timeline update: now expecting mid-to-late July.

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#26 - Upcoming Price Increases (& FPGA Connectors) 2022-06-15

Discussing expected price increases, and an update on our FPGA board connectors.

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#25 - All Units Upgraded to Alder Lake + 32GB RAM Upgrade Now Available 2022-06-07

Confirming that all units are being upgraded to 12th Intel; a 32GB RAM upgrade is now available for purchase in our preorder shop.

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#24 - Simula One FPGAs 2022-06-02

Discussing the role of the Simula One's FPGA system.

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#23 - Board Updates 2022-05-25

Progress made on VXR, Interposer, & I/O Boards.

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#22 - Simula's Software Stack 2022-05-20

High-level overview of Simula's software architecture.

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#21 - Latest Review Unit Print + VXR Board 2022-05-11

Showing off our latest review unit print and VXR board.

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#20 - Paying for Productivity: Premium Workstations Over Time 2022-05-03

Chronicling premium workstations & first-in-kind computing hardware over time. We explore why consumers don't use premium workstations like they used to.

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#19 - Review Units Progress 2022-04-29

Discussing progress made on our Simula One review units; includes headset prints and updated renderings.

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#18 - Lenses & Schematics 2022-04-20

We run our newest lenses through some optical tests + show off our VXR7200 board schematics (now open-sourced).

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#17 - Gramsy (YouTuber) Discusses Simula One 2022-04-13

Vlogger discusses the Simula One and some of its design tradeoffs.

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#16 - How Long Until Review Units? 2022-04-07

We're releasing (stripped down) review units, likely within the next 1-2 months.

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#15 - Upgrading to Alder Lake 2022-03-31

Simula is upgrading to 12th Gen Intel compute.

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#14 - Demoing Our Displays 2022-03-24

Discussing the Simula One's display system

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#13 - Camera Considerations: Resolution, Bandwidth, & Latency 2022-03-16

Discussing camera considerations for our front-facing AR Mode cameras.

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#12 - How Simula's Optical Design Achieves its PPD 2022-03-09

How our lenses exploit the human eye to extract maximum pixel density from our displays

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#11 - Preorders are now available! 2022-02-14

Kickstarter-style description of our headset

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#10 - We're Launching This Weekend (With a Lower Price) 2022-02-11

Why we're hosting our own pre-orders instead of using Kickstarter. TLDR: Price reductions & greater flexibility.

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#9 - Simula One Video Teaser 2022-02-03

Launch video for our preorder campaign

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#8 - The Ghost Howls interviews Simula's team 2022-01-28

A virtual reality blog asks us questions about the Simula One

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#7 - Why VR Computers are better than PCs & Laptops 2022-01-20

We spend all day working on our PCs & laptops, so if there really are benefits to working in VRCs, upgrading to one could have big impacts to our work productivity.

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#6 - Why is the Simula One so expensive? 2022-01-13

Comparing the Simula One to premium laptops, standalone AR headsets, & VR headsets.

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#5 - The Simula One's Pricing & Kickstarter Goal 2022-01-09

We discuss the pricing & campaign goals of Simula's imminent Kickstarter campaign.

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#4 - How We Designed the Simula One 2022-01-02

History of how we came to our headset design

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#3 - VR Comparison: Simula One vs. Valve Index vs. Quest 2 2021-12-26

Comparing Simula One's specs against the Valve Index & Quest 2

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#2 - Technical overview of Simula's VR Computer 2021-12-11

Discussing the specs, performance, & design choices of Simula's VRC.

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#1 - Simula One Teaser 2021-12-11

First teaser shot of the Simula One headset; waitlisters will start receiving updates on our headset progress.

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The Simula One is an office-focused, portable VR headset built on top of Linux VR Desktop. It provides comparable specs to a premium office laptop, but with the power of VR.

Headset from front right
Headset from front top right
Headset from front left
  • Provides Linux VR Desktop with unlimited screens
  • Become more focused and immersed in your work with VR
  • 6DOF hand tracking
  • AR "Passthrough" Mode (see your keyboard/surroundings while working)
  • Connects with Bluetooth keyboards/mice via Bluetooth module
  • Contains the highly customizable, open-source SimulaOS

Headset specs

  • 35.5 PPD
  • 2448x2448 per eye display resolution
  • 100° FOV
  • 90-120 Hz refresh rate
  • 55mm-77mm IPD
  • Features dual wide-angle high-resolution RGB cameras for AR passthrough
  • Supports Tethered Mode for gaming on other platforms (Windows/SteamVR)

Compute pack specs

  • i7-1365U Processor (13th Gen)
  • 16 GB Memory (optional: 32 GB)
  • Iris Xe graphics
  • 1 TB SSD
  • Wi-Fi 6
  • Bluetooth 5.2
  • 3.5mm Audio Jack
  • Exposed ports: 1x USB4 (including Thunderbolt 4), 2x USB-C 3.2 Gen 2/DP Alt-Mode, 2x USB-A 3.2
  • Comes pre-installed with SimulaOS Linux VR distro

SimulaOS: VR Linux Distro

SimulaOS provides the Simula One with a highly customizable, open-source VR Linux distro.

  • Provides a Linux Virtual Desktop with unlimited screens
  • Compatible with any app that runs on Linux Desktop (apps like Firefox, LibreOffice, Emacs, Vim, ...)
  • Provides especially clear text quality (via our text-specialized rendering methodology)
  • Built on top of the Godot game engine
  • Comes pre-installed on the Simula One
  • Also works with the HTC Vive, HTC Vive Pro, & Valve Index
View Simula's source on GitHub

This is not a gaming headset

Not a gamer? Never used VR before? No problem. While the Simula One supports tethered gaming, it is primarily a work-focused headset. Take it out of the box and start working in VR immediately.

VR productivity with SimulaVR

  • Perfect remote work machine
  • Less distractions
  • Work in private no matter where you are
  • Work in The Future™

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