Second Iteration Headset Enclosure

Time 2 minute read Calendar 2024-06-05 Person George Singer Pricetags #update and #timeline

1 Second Iteration Headset Enclosure

We've assembled the SLS prints from our last update into a second iteration Chassis & Headset Enclosure:

The top and front panels are still missing until we finish our camera boards and hand tracking stuff. The foam facial interface is being printed now, though here is its updated CAD:

Here's what the new lens assembly looks like:

We ran into a lens sizing issue which required some sanding to help achieve a (temporary) fix. Our lens CAD has been updated so that we don't run into this issue again on future iterations:

Hoping to distribute new prototypes fairly soon!

2 Jumpstarted Image Pipeline

We have thrown up our Camera Board initialization code at towards the goal of getting our image pipeline up and running (as in: routing images and configuration data from our cameras to our Host). This will allow us to test camera latency and other performance stuff for our AR Mode.

3 Recent Component Orders

We've placed orders for the following components:

  • VR Displays: 640 VR displays have arrived from our vendor (with another 920 on the way).

  • Lens Samples: We purchased 20 hard tooled lens samples to inspect for fidelity. After those are verified, we're planning to place an order for ~500 sets for our first headset batch.

  • Camera Boards: We recently received another 10 Camera Boards from our FPGA (some of our prior ones had faults that needed fixed). These will be used in our distributed prototypes.