PCBA Delays (& Syzygy Camera Adapter Update)

Time 1 minute read Calendar 2022-09-09 Person George Singer Pricetags #update and #timeline

Display Interposer Delays

Some frustrating news: we've been waiting on our 2nd-iteration Display Interposers for over 2 weeks now from our local PCBA. :/

This is disappointing, but is ultimately our fault: we could have done a better job picking a faster PCBA from the onset.

In any event, until we get these components, we're unable to proceed forward with our review units. We're expecting them to arrive by no later than end of next week.

Syzygy Board Rendering

While waiting for our Display Interposer, we did finish designing the Syzygy Camera Adapter discussed in our previous update:

Recall this board is responsible for transmitting large amounts of image data from our Camera Board to our FPGA, discussed more here.

Until then, looking forward to sharing good news next week.