Simula One Teaser

Time 3 minute read Calendar 2021-12-11 Person George Singer Pricetags #update and #timeline

If you're receiving this email, it means you've signed up for the Simula One Waitlist, and will henceforth be receiving teasers & updates from us regarding its development process.

Teaser #1: the Simula One headset exterior

What you're seeing here is the exterior prototype of the world's first portable Linux VR computer. Our goal over the coming months is to polish this headset into a VR computer so amazing that you'll never want to use a PC/laptop ever again.

Our first generation headset will come equipped with a detachable x86 compute pack, and will have Simula's open-source VR window manager installed by default. All of the applications and functionality you've come to love from Linux Desktop will be available to you in VR. We are also planning for the headset to have hand tracking, an "AR mode", and some other goodies to be unveiled in the coming weeks and months.

Kickstarter launch date

For now, our expected Kickstarter launch date is tentatively January 2022.

What to expect from these updates

Over the coming weeks, we plan to send updates regarding

  • Expected lead times and price for our headset
  • A ton more teaser pictures, videos, & product updates
  • Candid discussion from our team of what we're working on and the challenges we're facing (the bad news and the good news)
  • Occasional hot takes from us on the current state of the VR industry (Metaverse, etc)

How to help us out

If you're reasonably sure you want to purchase a headset, and you'd like to be notified an hour before the campaign starts (to maximize chances of getting early discounts), add your email to our new "Early Kickstarter Backers" list:

If you'd like to support us in other ways:

  1. Share. Follow us on Twitter and share our campaign to your followers!
  2. Discuss. If you have questions about our headset, you can check out /r/simulavr and our Discord.
  3. Join. If you're interested in joining our team, send resumes over to We will start hiring for positions in February, and are looking for talented electrical, mechanical, and software engineers.