Taking Our Boards to a PCBA

Time 2 minute read Calendar 2022-06-30 Person George Singer Pricetags #update and #timeline

1 Our boards have been delivered to our PCBA

Last week the remainder of our review unit boards arrived from our PCB manufacturer. We have since taken our VXR, Interposer, & Connector boards to a local PCBA assembler to have their components appended to them.

Here's a shot of the VXR chips:

For size comparison:

All in all, this brings the total number of review unit components we have of each type to the following:

ComponentNumber of Units
VXR Chips50
VXR Boards14
Display Intersposer28 (one for each eye)
Connector Board28

Our boards are expected to returned from the PCBA at some point next week. From there we will move onto board integration testing

2 Foam facial interface

This week we also ordered PU leather and cushion foam to construct our review unit's "foam facial interface", which refers to the part of the headset between the lenses and the user's eyes (a less polished version shown above). Lead time should be about ~7 days.

More updates to come!