Adding Diopter Adjustments

Time 2 minute read Calendar 2023-02-21 Person George Singer Pricetags #update and #timeline

A couple of minor updates this week while we wait for our Camera Boards to arrive from PCBA.

1 Diopter Adjustment

We recently added a diopter adjustment ring to the front of our lens holders. Diopter adjustment allows users to adjust each lens to match their visual acuity. In our case, since we have a 3-lens optical setup, twisting the adjustment ring causes the lens closest to the user's eye to push forward and backward:

Below is the overall visual of our lens containers, which now contain (i) the core lens holder; (ii) a VR display holder; (iii) a spacer placed between the VR display and lens; (iv) a twistable diopter adjustment ring (shown above) which threads onto the lens holder:

2 Camera Board Fixtures

Though we haven't received our Camera Boards from our PCBA, we are expecting them any day. Once we recieve them, we have designed a fixture to help program the microcontrollers on the boards:

To assemble the fixture, we're drilling 0.68mm holes into a 12mm polymer plate and inserting Fixtest 848 sleeves/test probes into the holes.

The fixture allows us to program the camera board so that the MCU can control the power-on and power-off sequence, as violating the sequencing can damage the image sensor.