Frequently Asked Questions

What is “SimulaOS”?

SimulaOS is the world’s first VR-dedicated Linux distro. It provides a highly customizable, open-source Linux VR Desktop experience which allows you to run normal Linux applications in VR.

What is the “Simula One”?

The Simula One is the world’s first standalone Linux VR headset. It comes equipped with SimulaOS installed by default, and is meant to replace a portable Linux laptop (used primarily for office work, programming, etc).

Can I run Simula on other VR headsets besides the Simula One?

Yes. Simula’s window manager can be ran as a regular Linux app on the (i) HTC Vive, (ii) HTC Vive Pro, and (iii) Valve Index. It takes less than 1 minute to install on any Linux distro with a good internet connection. See our GitHub repo for installation instructions.

Does Simula provide any special VR office apps that can help me be more productive in VR?

Not yet. If you have any specific ideas/requests, let us know in our Discord.

I have a question not listed here. Where can I ask it?

You can reach us any time in our community Discord.

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