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We are building an office-focused VR headset called the “Simula One”. Our store has recently opened for preorders, so that we and our backers can help people replace their PCs/laptops with more capable VR headsets.

We call our headset a “VR Computer” (or a “VRC”) to help distinguish it from gaming headsets. When Simula was founded, most people thought the future of VR was in games & entertainment. The truth is that VR offers a superior way for performing knowledge work, but until now there haven’t been dedicated VR computing devices available on the market. While existing headsets are optimized for gaming, ours is optimized for productivity: it features bleeding edge high-resolution displays, has a detachable compute pack with specs comparable to a premium office laptop (x86 architecture), and runs a VR specialized Linux distro optimized for clear text.

VRCs offer several advantages over Laptops & PCs: they provide unlimited screens of any size, improve work focus & immersion, are usable outdoors (no laptop glare), improve privacy (no one around you can snoop your screen), and their compact design frees up desk space. They also promote better posture and freedom of movement: with a VR computer you can change positions, sit up, lean back, stand, lie down, or even walk while you compute.

Our project started out as an open-source VR window manager, which you can try out today on the Valve Index or HTC Vive. It's built over open-source infrastructure (wlroots and the Godot game engine). Once our compositor became relatively stable, we ran into the issue of “no other manufacturer wanted to offer us Linux support” (thinking there was no market for something so niche, I imagine?). So we decided to build our own =] We are happy to answer any question (technical or otherwise) about our project in our Discord.